Aerial Firefighting Ground Support Equipment Available for Rental

Aerial Firefighting Ground Support Equipment Available for Rental

June 14, 2023

Introducing Helinet Aviation's Aerial Firefighting Ground Support Packages.

At Helinet Aviation, we are dedicated to empowering your firefighting mission. We are excited to introduce our Aerial Firefighting Ground Support Packages, now available for lease nationwide. Designed to enhance the effectiveness of your operations, our comprehensive packages offer the crucial support you need to complete life-saving missions.

Comprehensive Packages: Our offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing the essential tools and resources to ensure greater effectiveness and efficiency in combating fires.


9,000+ Gallon Fuel Tankers:

Heil Fuel Tanker #1:

- Year: 2002

- Make: Heil

- Model: International

- Tank Capacity: 9,200 Gallons

Heil Fuel Tanker #2:

- Year: 1979

- Make: Heil

- Model: International

- Tank Capacity: 9,500 Gallons


Semi Tractors:

Western Star:

- Year: 2018

- Make: Western Star

-Model: 5700XE

- Mileage: 17,211 miles


- Year: 2015

- Make: Western Star

- Model: VNL

- Mileage: 529,348 miles


Pickup Trucks:

Dodge Ram 2500

- Color: Black

- Year: 2021

- Single Rear Wheels

- Bumper Pull

- Mileage: 34,566 miles

- Four-Wheel Drive

- Diesel


Dodge Ram 3500

- Color: White

- Year: 2013

- Dual Rear Wheels

- 5th Wheel

- Mileage: 16,168 miles

- Four-Wheel Drive

- Diesel


Maintenance Trailers:

Cargo Mate Eliminator #1

- Year: 2020

- Length: 34 feet

- Bumper Pull

Cargo Mate Eliminator #2

- Year: 2022

- Length: 45 feet

- 5th Wheel


By partnering with Helinet, you gain access to reliable equipment and support that will enhance the overall success of your firefighting operations. Our aim is to equip you with the resources required to protect lives, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of wildfires.

Contact Helinet today for more information about our aerial firefighting ground support packages. Email us at or call (818) 902-0229.