Helinet Technologies

Safeguarding people and places through customized surveillance solutions, Helinet provides aerial surveillance systems and services to  law enforcement, public safety, and government agencies nationwide. Backed by decades of real-world mission experience, Helinet brings a flexible, client driven approach to every engagement with services  ranging from basic equipment sales to complete surveillance solutions; encompassing aircraft, personnel, logistics, training, engineering and maintenance.

The Helinet Advantage

We recognize that our clients have one goal - to be operational at all times. For that reason, we have streamlined and improved how agencies purchase and maintain their aerial surveillance systems. Helinet brings a 360-degree perspective to each client engagement, based on our in-house expertise in the technological, operational and tactical aspects of helicopter and UAS operations. Whether you are in need of a digital downlink solution for your aircraft, critical communications between mobile and aerial assets, or are seeking a customized UAS package, Helinet is your proven vendor.

LiDAR Solutions

Helinet provides complete turn-key LiDAR solutions, incorporating terrestrial scanning and post-processing that delivers high accuracy and detail-rich data sets to a variety of industries including industrial and agricultural survey, accident reconstruction in public safety, and VFX production.

Turnkey Solutions

Helinet works with the best equipment vendors in the airborne electronics markets to develop the most advanced data transmission technologies available. We evaluate each agency’s specific needs and challenges, and  then develop the ideal custom solution fitting their mission profile. Our Los Angeles surveillance systems are state-of-the-art and user friendly, allowing operators to effectively perform their work without distractions and steep learning curves. 

Service and Support

Helinet is the choice to help organizations maintain operational continuity and minimize downtime with 24/7/365 technical support and recurrent training to hone aircrew mission system skills.

Please call 818.902.0229 or email info@helinet.com for more information regarding our technology services.