Electronic News Gathering

Since 1990, Helinet has served news stations throughout Southern California with fully equipped ENG helicopters. Having pioneered the use of HD gyro-stabilized camera systems and HD microwave downlink systems for ENG (electronic news gathering) use, Helinet deployed the first such aircraft in the nation. In 2012, Helinet acquired Shotover Camera Systems, the developer of the World’s first ultra HD aerial camera system. SHOTOVER systems feature a groundbreaking modular design that enables broadcasters to utilize the latest camera and lens technology as it comes to market. 

Helinet’s highly trained pilots are extremely familiar with navigating the complex Los Angeles airspace and are able to utilize their knowledge of the Southern California area to our broadcast partners’ advantage. Our ENG helicopter camera operators are expertly trained in the execution of news gathering using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

We are committed to providing all of our clients with the highest level of safety, customer service and advanced ENG solutions. We evaluate each broadcaster’s specific needs and then develop the ideal custom solution fitting their mission profile. Backed by decades of experience, Helinet’s team of highly qualified helicopter pilots, maintenance technicians, camera operators, and technology experts have the experience to fulfill any broadcast client’s needs.


Our ENG Helicopter Services Include: 

  • State-of-the-art ENG helicopter and camera equipment (complete, partial, and/or custom-tailored packages)
  • Innovative approach to applying specialized ENG systems including augmented reality mapping systems and customized Shotover camera platforms
  • Highly trained pilots, camera operators, and ENG technical engineers
  • In-house aircraft and ENG equipment maintenance 
  • Direct access to onsite SHOTOVER service center 
  • Custom aircraft paint services to match a broadcaster’s color scheme and branding


Please call 818.902.0229 for more information regarding our ENG services.