AFSP-1 Single Pole with Hammer Brackets Available For Sale

AFSP-1 Single Pole with Hammer Brackets Available For Sale

April 25, 2022

Features of AFSP-1 Single Pole Mount System

- 150lb payload capacity

- Can be mounted left or right

- All aluminum tube and billet, bolt-together construction.

- Easy to install, mount bolts directly to airframe. Install or remove in minutes.

- Mount weight, 44lbs

- Unobstructed view, excellent for surveillance, ENG, film work.

- The AFSP-1 Single Pole Mount system is Installed on the Eurocopter AS350 & AS355 / Airbus H125 series helicopters.

The AFSP-1 pole mount system consists of a support bar that attaches to the forward landing gear cross tube and floor tuning hammer weight attachment points. A single tube allows for the mounting of a camera / sensor system. After installation, calculate weight and balance for Installed items and check for proper loading of aircraft. Can be installed on High or Low Gear aircraft and can be installed on the right or left hand side of the aircraft. AS350 models B, B1, B2, BA, B3, C, D, and D1 AS355 models E, F, F1, F2, N, and NP

Contact Helinet if interested in purchasing this AFSP-1 Single Pole Mount at 818-285-1654 or with subject line "Single Pole Inquiry".